A capable and reliable freight transportation

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Unformatted text preview: nd the related land movement by truck, rail, and barge in support of DOD operations worldwide, moving over 22,239,700 square feet of unit cargo. Since USTRANSCOM works with a variety of commercial assets, services, and systems, it must continually grow the partnership with industry to incorporate current technology, anticipate trends, and develop future capabilities. 20 | P a g e Inland Waterways Affirmative BDL Answers to: No Impact to the Loss of US Global Leadership [___] [___] Collapse of hegemony results in apolarity and war, not peace Nial Ferguson (history professor at Harvard) 2004 (FOREIGN POLICY, July/August, p. online) Anyone who dislikes U.S. hegemony should bear in mind that, rather than a multipolar world of competing powers, a world with no hegemon at all may be the real alternative to U.S. primacy. Apolarity could turn out to be an anarchic new Dark Age, an ear of warring empires and religious fanaticism; of endemic plunder and pillage in the world’s forgotten regions; of economic stagnation and civilizations’ retreat into a few fortified enclaves. [___] Only the United States can protect the world order Colin Gray, political scientist specializing in national security policy, THE SHERIFF: AMERICA’S DEFENSE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, 2004, pp. 5-6 The United States is the, indeed is the only, essential protecting power for the current world order A gain, this is not to be deterministic. Although there are no other bi dders for this crown at p resent, it does not follow that the United States is condemned to play this role. After all, American world leadership in Paris in 1919 was succeeded post haste by a scuttle from many potential international obligations. Americans today could elect to withdraw from the outside w orld, insofar as they could in political -military ways they would hope that the civilizationa1 offense given by the soft power of their now globally beamed culture would not be found unduly p rovocative abroad . Whether The Great Satan, as Iranian spokespeople have delighted in calling the United States, would be allowed to hunker down in peaceful sanctuary in North America, we should doubt. Still, it could be tried. After Sep tember 11, 2001, isolationist sentiment temporarily has lost much We may not be much interested in terrorism, but it w oulfd appear that terrorism is interested in us. For good or ill, we are what we are . E xactly what this is has been explained in no uncertain terms by Henry Kissinger in t he opening lines of his book, D oer America Need a Foreign Policy? No p rizes are awarded for guessing that his question is strictly rhetorical. Kissinger proclaims that At the dawn of the new m illennium, the United States is enjoying a preeminence unrivalle d by even the greatest empires of the past. From weaponry to entrepreneurship, from science to technology, from h igher education to popular culture, America exercises an unparalleled ascendancy around the globe. 21 | P a g e Inland Waterways Affirmative BDL Solvency – Coordination [___] [___] Freight transportation infrastructure needs to be coordinated Colonel Donald E. Jackson, United States Army, 2007 (LEVERAGING THE STRATEGIC VALUE OF THE U.S. I...
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