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Unformatted text preview: ilitary power abroad Colonel Donald E. Jackson, United States Army, 2007 (LEVERAGING THE STRATEGIC VALUE OF THE U.S. INLAND WATERWAY SYSTEM, The United States is currently the international leader in economic prosperity, producing the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world. As the only remaining military superpower, the United States also has the ability to rapidly project combat forces anywhere in the world to protect its vital national interests. Experts, however, predict U.S. economic dominance may be overcome by the year 2020. Globalization creates unlimited potential for both international economic growth and conflict around the world. In order to maintain a competitive edge, the United States must assure the strategic mobility of our economic and military elements of power. [___] Inland waterways are critical to military power projection Colonel Donald E. Jackson, United States Army, 2007 (LEVERAGING THE STRATEGIC VALUE OF THE U.S. INLAND WATERWAY SYSTEM, Inland waterways present a possible alternative to overland transport that has been underutilized in the past. The EU recognizes and relies upon their existing water highways, committing to a more balanced approach for future transport. The core network links the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, and Austria via a myriad of easily accessible rivers and canals, carrying cargo such as heavy materials, bulk industrial goods, building products, containers, oversized loads, and waste. Inland waterway transport in the EU has experienced a growth rate of 17% over the past decade. Inland waterways are a strategic asset to the nation, enabling the U.S. to significantly increase economic output in both domestic and international markets, and project military power more rapidly and effectively into the 21st Century. Over the next 20 years economists estimate that inland navigation will increase by more than 35%. The inland waterway system is a potential resource upon which we can increase the flow of military cargo . Continued application of technology to barge operations and integration of the inland waterway system into the nation’s intermodal system makes this an area ripe for additional development. Waterways already move important national defense resources and other supplies in large quantities for the armed forces. As a mode of transportation, the inland waterway system is quiet, low profile, and off the public radar. 12 | P a g e Inland Waterways Affirmative BDL Hegemony Add-on [___] Instability and war are inevitable—only a credible power projection by the US can build coalitions and deter potential military conflicts across the globe Wyatt Barnes, partner at Roney and Co., 1998 (Strategic Review, Fall) Only the United States could supply the indispensable degree of state power—military, political, and economic—that not only deterred the Soviet Union but emboldened our allies to stand fast. For once, we did not let our armed forces fall into desuetude, altho...
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