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Unformatted text preview: nal transportation network for the 21st Century. [___] [___] Federal leadership necessary to solve US Department of Transportation, 2011 (April, America’s Marine Highway Report to Congress, ) The report concludes with a section on conclusions. It cites the essential role that the private sector must play in making America’s Marine Highway successful, but notes that without strong leadership from the Federal government the nation's water assets will continue to be underutilized for freight transportation. 25 | P a g e Inland Waterways Affirmative BDL States Counterplan Answers [___] [___] Federal action essential for coordination and to have Congress fulfill its Constitutional responsibility Colonel Donald E. Jackson, United States Army, 2007 (LEVERAGING THE STRATEGIC VALUE OF THE U.S. INLAND WATERWAY SYSTEM, Transportation infrastructure requires a strategic-level approach to management, funding, and integration. National policy makers must balance the strengths and limitations of each transportation industry sector, ensuring their collective capabilities support projected U.S. economic and national security requirements. Based upon the capabilities inherent in each of these industries, supporting infrastructure must be available, expanded, or modernized th at enable them to meet current and future transportation requirements. American transportation infrastructure requires continual investment to remain a viable means of moving freight, as well as routine maintenance, periodic modernization, and expansion to maintain adequate operability. The federal government has a Constitutional responsibility to provide adequate transportation infrastructure that supports the nation’s economy, as a means of regulating interstate commerce. While federal responsibilities for transportation infrastructure are collectively substantial, they are, however, widely disbursed and not well coordinated.6 Congress is responsible for synchronizing the efforts of industry stakeholders and government entities, making tough decisions on resource allocations that collectively meet the strategic requirements of the transportation system. This effort requires both an interagency and intra governmental approach. 26 | P a g e Inland Waterways Affirmative BDL States Counterplan Answers [___] [___] Europe proves that government support of inland water ways is effective US Department of Transportation, 2011 (April, America’s Marine Highway Report to Congress, There is good precedent for effective governmental action to support short sea shipping. The European Union (EU) is faced with many of the same issues as is the United States regarding surface transportation congestion, environmental impacts of transportation systems, and energy conservation. EU leadership has recognized that greater reliance on waterborne transportation is an important mea...
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