But the data dont lie how do we explain this the

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Unformatted text preview: tion. The Revolutionary Communist Party helps stabilize the "free market" capitalist system by making it seem as if the only alternative to free-market capitalism is a return to Stalinism. Prospective activists for change are instead channeled into pointless discussions about the revolutionary potential of the proletariat. Instead of working to persuade people to accept progressive ideas, the far left talks to itself (which may be a blessing, given the way it communicates) and tries to sell copies of the Sot Worker to an uninterested public. 4|Page Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Alternative Can’t Solve – Transition Wars [___] [___] The break from capitalism will be met with transition wars Ted Trainer, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the School of Social Work, University of New South Wales, 2003 (“The Simpler Way”, , February 13) "When corporations rule the world" This heading, the title of a recent book by David Korten, sums up the situation that has arisen over the last 20 years. A tiny corporate super-rich class has raised to extraordinary wealth and power and are now able to more or less run the world in the ways that suit it. (About 1% of the world’s people now control more than half the capital; Note 7.) They run the transnational corporations, the media and especially the World Bank, IMF and World Trade Organization. Their wealth funds the think tanks, foundations, universities, journals etc which pump out the message that the neo-liberal way is the best and the only way. Governments eagerly comply with this agenda. . They have routed the working class. The Left has been eliminated as a political force. Above all the rich have crushingly won the ideological battle establishing neo-liberalism as the only way. Rich world military power is likely to be used ruthlessly against nations which interfere with this agenda of free access for corporations and integration of all regions into the one global market (e.g., Yugoslavia, Iraq.) Much of the literature on globalization is alarmed at this situation of corporate rule; (see especially Chussudowsky, 1996, Fotopolous, 2002, and many of the works by Chomsky.) There are good reasons for thinking that it is now too late to do anything about this rapid surge to world domination by the super-rich, especially since the "war on terrorism" has provided a perfect pretext for crushing dissent. 5|Page Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Permutation – Must Work Within the System [___] [___] Change in capitalism must occur within the system James Speth, Former dean of Yale school of forestry and environmentalism, 2008 (The bridge at the end of the world, 192) Greider, a long-term Washington observer, sees little hope that Washington will drive major change. “The larger point … is that the collision between society and capitalism has endured over many years, despite the laws and shifting political sensibilities, becau...
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