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Unformatted text preview: ineers. The engineers’ lobby has given America’s infrastructure a D in every one of its report cards going back to 1998, except for 2001, when the mark was D-plus. 26 | P a g e Mass Transit Negative BDL Crime Turn [____] Mass transit attracts increased crime Gary Stoller, reporter for USA Today, 2011 (“US: Crime Lurks Outside Airports, Rail Stations”, Mass Transit Magazine, 7/12/11, The CAP Index study finds that the likelihood of crime is nearly eight times higher than the national average outside Philadelphia airport and nearly five times higher outside Newark airport. The likelihood of crime exceeds the national average outside 28 of 29 big-city airports in the study and outside all 26 central train stations, says CAP Index, which uses statistics, demographics and computer modeling to determine the likelihood of crime. Of the 29 airports, about half have surrounding neighborhoods where the likelihood of crime is more than four times higher than the national average. Of 26 central train stations, 21 have surrounding neighborhoods where the likelihood is more than four times higher. CAP Index President Jon Groussman says his company's analysis of law enforcement and clients' loss data shows a large number of crimes are committed in such neighborhoods. "You are clearly getting into a more elevated risk potential" when you enter a neighborhood with a crime likelihood at least four times the national average, he says. CAP Index says its crime-risk determinations are 70% to 90% accurate. Like other probability formulas, CAP Index's methodology has its limitations, company officials acknowledge, because it does not take into account various variables, including police force size, amount of security equipment being used and current events. Rosemary Erickson, a criminologist and security expert, says CAP Index is "extremely useful for predicting crime," and travelers should heed its findings for neighborhoods outside airports and central train stations. The areas outside airports and central train stations have a higher likelihood of crime because they're often poor neighborhoods and are probably not as effectively policed as some downtown areas, says Lewis Yablonsky, emeritus professor of criminology at California State University-Northridge. [____] Crime causes long term psychological impacts to the victims, causing more poverty. Scott Erickson, MS in Criminal Justice Studies, 2012 ( February 12, ) Intangible costs associated to crime are often difficult to quantify; however it is not difficult to imagine the long term effect that psychological trauma or a reduced quality of life have on victims of crime. Upwards of 5 million Americans are estimated to receive mental health therapy directly related to their victimization. This represents a significant financial cost in both real terms as well as in estimates of reduced individual productivity. The trauma associated to criminal victimization often leads to troubled personal an...
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