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Unformatted text preview: could arrive in the United States due to weak port security because the United States imports hundreds of millions of goods every year and those goods arrive on containers from abroad aboard large ocean vessels. Nuclear materials, or other forms of deadly materials, could arrive in these boxes and then be detonated in the United States or immediately in a port. If terrorists were able to assemble a nuclear weapon, they could detonate the nuclear weapon as a regular bomb. But even if they were not able to detonate an actual weapon, they could simply explode the nuclear material, spewing radiation for miles. A simple blast of the nuclear material is known as a “dirty bomb.” 2|Page Port Security Affirmative BDL Glossary Vocabulary Al-Qaeda. The terrorist organization that is responsible for the 9-11 attacks. Containers. Large boxes of goods that arrive in the United States from abroad. They are off-loaded from large ships and then distributed via truck and train throughout the United States. Dirty bomb. The explosion of nuclear material as a way to spread the nuclear material around. It is not a direct explosion. Fissile material. Nuclear material that can be detonated. Imports. Goods that enter the US and are then sold in the US. Port. A place where goods arrive via a container ship and are imported into a country. Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons are considered to be WMDs. 3|Page Port Security Affirmative BDL Glossary Acronyms CBP. Customs & Border Patrol CBPO. Customs & Border Patrol Officer CBW. Chemical and Biological Weapons DOD. Department of Defense DHS. Department of Homeland Security IED. Improvised Explosive Device GAO. General Accounting Office. HEU. Highly Enriched Uranium NPT. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty RDD. Radiological Dispersion Device RPG. Rocket Propelled Grenade URC. United States Regulatory Commission WMD. W eapons of Mass Destruction 4|Page Port Security Affirmative BDL 1AC 1/5 Contention 1 – The Current Situation Congress will not act to improve port security now Stamford Advocate, 2012 (May 9, “Maritime Industry Awaits Action in Congress”, The maritime businesses should not expect any industry-related legislation soon from Congress as the Republican-controlled House and Democratic-controlled Senate continue to do battle. Joan M. Bondareff, an attorney with the Washington, D.C., office of Blank Rome LLP, told more than 150 participants at the Tugs & Barges Marine Log Conference & Expo on Tuesday at the Stamford Marriott that the impasse will continue until after the presidential and congressional elections in November. "This Congress is in considerable gridlock, and nothing much will happen until after election," said Bondareff, who focuses on marine transportation and environmental issues. Much of proposed transportation funding that is tied up in the 2013 federal budget p...
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