Even the best rail transit lines provide only small

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Unformatted text preview: ost familiar causal chain in modern historiography links the Great Depression to the rise of fascism and the outbreak of World War II. But that simple story leaves too much out. Nazi Germany started the war in Europe only after its economy had recovered. Not all the countries affected by the Great Depression were taken over by fascist regimes, nor did all such regimes start wars of aggression. In fact, no general relationship between economics and conflict is discernible for the century as a whole . Some wars came after periods of growth, others were the causes rather than the consequences of economic catastrophe, and some severe economic crises were not followed by wars. 8|Page High Speed Rail Negative BDL No Solvency – States Will Reject [____] [____] Governors will reject federal money Business Insider, 2012 (June 5, “California’s Failing Project Could Spell the End of High Speed Rail.” Republican governors across the country have criticized high-speed projects and rejected federal money to fund rail development. Mr Obama, meanwhile, has redistributed the rejected money to states like California that are run by Democrats and are more receptive to high -speed rail. All this makes sense. Mr Obama made high-speed-rail funding a big part of his 2008 stimulus package, and political scientists generally believe that a president weighing in on an issue polarizes people's opinions about it. In California, 76% of Republicans now oppose the high -speed-rail project, compared to just 47% of Democrats. The other problem, of course, is that powerful local and regional interests are threatened by the high-speed-rail plans. Airlines, freight transporters and not-in-my-backyard activists all have problems with the project. High-speed rail's opponents smell blood and are not going to fall in line, and the train plan is many years from completion. Unless California's leaders are truly committed to pushing high-speed rail forward and spending political capital to do so this plan is probably doomed. And when it comes to high -speed rail, as goes California, so goes the nation. 9|Page High Speed Rail Negative BDL No Solvency – Climate Change [____] [____] Building new rail lines expends energy, doesn’t solve climate change Keet, Steering Committee of the Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates, 2012 (Lee, “Why we don’t need the railroad restored, even if gas goes to $8/gallon”, 2-20,, DOA: 5-15-12, ldg) And then the final argument: greenhouse gasses. Surely, trains are better. Sorry, not true. To quote Mr. O'Toole's article, "Construction of new rail lines, or reconstruction of existing ones, is very expensive in dollars, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions; yet the most successful lines have a...
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