Indeed the 20th century saw the united states

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Unformatted text preview: ism and democracy also show that an intervening variable is necessary to effect such a correlation. That intervening variable is class action and organization. In a review of many studies of the relationship between economic development and human rights, Landman also finds that "economic development [usually capitalist] does not enhance directly political or civil rights," but that "social mobilization has a direct relationship with the expansion and contraction of political and civil rights." Rueschemeyer, Stephens, and Stephens' analysis confirms Sen's assertion that development depends on human agency: the "achievement of development is thoroughly dependent on the free agency of people." Participatory freedoms are particularly important, says Sen. "Political freedoms (in the form of free speech and elections) help to promote economic security. Social opportunities (in the form of education and health facilities) facilitate economic participation. Economic facilities (in th e form of opportunities for participation in trade and production) can help to generate personal abundance as well as public resources for social facilities. Freedoms of different kinds can strengthen one another."73 But the class action and human agency to which Rueschemeyer, Stephens and Stephens refer is not purely voluntarist: it arises only if the structural conditions are appropriate. Democracy, Rueschemeyer, Stephens, and Stephens assert is above all “abovealla matter of power": it is necessary for the subordinated classes to wrest democracy from the powerful. 11 | P a g e Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Capitalism Good – Poverty [___] [___] Poverty & inequity are the result of limiting capitalism's reach Michael Boskin, Professor of Economics at Stanford University, 1999 (Boskin, CAPITALISM AND ITS DISCONTENTS, 1999, p. 32) To be sure, large segments of mankind were left behind, both economically and politically. As a gross historical generalization, they were in societies that lacked both economic and political freedoms and competition. Although the capitalist economies have wide dispersions in the distribution of consumption, the average poor family in the United States has a standard of living well beyond that of the average Russian family, for example, and above that of the average American family of a couple of generations ago. And the most entrenched poverty in the American economy occurs in pockets of a quasi-sot economy, with little competition, private capital, or private incentives, such as inner-city public housing and schools. 12 | P a g e Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Capitalism Good – War [___] [___] Capitalism is key to maintaining world peace Doug Bandow, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, 2005 (“Spreading Capitalism is good for peace”, Korean Herald, November 10) In a world that seems constantly aflame, one naturally asks: What causes peace? Many people, including U.S. President...
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