More compact communities have far lower crash and

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Unformatted text preview: ash fatality rate as automobile passengers. Rail passengers have a rate of risk about one-quarter that of drivers — higher than bus because of generally higher speeds. More compact communities have far lower crash and fatality rates than less compact communities. [____] Auto accidents are a significant cause of death- kill more per year than war Taras Grescoe, frequent contributor to the New York Times, 2012 (Straphanger: Saving our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile, You would be hard pressed to track down the name of the latest victim : in the last minute alone, two humans somewhere on the planet have had their lives cut short by cars. Year in, year out, automobiles kill 1.2 million people around the world, and injure 20 million. It is a hecatomb equivalent to a dozen fully loaded jumbo jets crashing every day, with no survivors, yet one so routine the majority of fatalities go unreported—as though being crushed by glass and metal had become just another of death’s “natural causes”. War, in comparison, is an inefficient scourge of the human race: among people aged ten to twenty four, the automobile long ago beat out armed conflict as the leading cause of death. 15 | P a g e Mass Transit Affirmative BDL Lack of Mass Transit Leads to Poverty/ Segregation [____] Lack of public mass transit aggravates inequalities Moulding, J.D. candidate, Georgetown University Law Center, 2005 (Georgetown journal on Poverty Law & Policy, "Fare or Unfair? The Importance of Mass Transit for America's Poor", Hein Online) The underdevelopment of public transportation in America has exacerbated our nation's economic and social inequalities. A decades-long trend of prioritizing automobile use at the expense of public transportation has undercut an important means of improving the lives of low-income Americans, especially in urban areas. While the consequences of high-way transit network for the environment and energy consumption have received attention, the economic impact on the poor is relatively overlooked. 16 | P a g e Mass Transit Affirmative BDL Lack of Mass Transit Leads to Poverty/ Segregation [____] Current transportation policies exclude marginalized communities from jobs and opportunities Center for Social Inclusion 2006 (“Racism and Racial Discrimination in the U.S.: Federal Disinvestment in Opportunity for Marginalized Communities”. The Center for Social Inclusion is a national policy strategy organization that works to dismantle structural racial inequity and increase well-being for all. In all of the public spheres listed in Article 1, U.S. policies create conditions that disproportionately exclude marginalized communities and groups from enjoying fundamental freedoms and opportunities, such as good jobs and good schools. Some policies may be facially race-neutral but perpetuate the historic racial exclusion that is embedded in our institutions. Present-day federal transportation, housing, education and fiscal policies...
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