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Unformatted text preview: se it is essentially a clash of two different value systems. Government has not succeeded in reconciling the clash because, though it issues many rules of dos and don’ts for enterprise to follow, it does not attempt to alter the underlying values that shape capitalism’s behavior. To be enduring, that change has to occur inside capitalism, like altering the gene system of a plant or animal.” 6|Page Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Capitalism Good – Freedom/Prosperity [___] [___] Alternatives to capitalism are worse – capitalism is key to freedom Andrew Bernstein, Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Marist College, 2003 (“The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, FREEMAN/article.asp?aid=5332, December) The freedom of the capitalist system liberates creative human brainpower from bondage to the state. The ensuing advances in science, medicine, agriculture, technology, and industry generate vast increases in living standards and life expectancies. It is not surprising that during the capitalist epoch, roughly 1820 to the present, the free countries of western Europe and North America saw their total economic output increase 60 times, and per capita income grow to be 13 times what it had been previously.4 Even minimal capitalist elements have already produced salutary results in communist Vietnam. The annual minimum wage there is $134; but Nike, which owns Vietnamese factories—misleadingly dubbed “sweatshops” by anti-capitalist ideologues— pays an average salary of $670, which is double the country’s per capita GDP. 5 Western companies in the poorest countries pay their workers, on average, twice what the corresponding native firms pay. Most important, workers voluntarily seek such employment, and unlike the repressive governments, these private companies have no legal right to initiate force against them. Capitalism is freedom—and freedom leads to prosperity. The moral is the practical. On the other hand, statism is oppression —and oppression leads to destitution. The immoral is the impractical. After two centuries of capitalism, 80 years of som, and a millennium of feudalism, the contest is over and the scores are on the board. The alternatives open to human beings are stark: freedom and prosperity or statism and misery. We have only to make our choice. 7|Page Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Capitalism Good – Environment [___] [___] Capitalism is key to environmental preservation Jenny Taylor, senior fellow CATO institute, 2003 (Happy Earth Day? Thank Capitalism, This is unfortunate because it's businessmen -- not bureaucrats or environmental activists -who deserve most of the credit for the environmental gains over the past century and who represent the best hope for a Greener tomorrow . Indeed, we wouldn't even have environmentalists in our midst were it not for capitalism. Environmental amenities, after all, are luxury goods. America -- like much of the Third World today -- had no enviro...
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