Racism remains the most potent weapon to divide

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Unformatted text preview: provide speed and convenience. Most drivers forego carpooling, with three-fourths of all commuting cars carrying only one person. Generally, people who commute using public transit spend twice as much time traveling as those who travel by car. Consider that the average commute takes about 20 minutes by car, 38 minutes by bus, and 45 minutes by train. For millions of inner -city residents, public transportation is the only means of getting around. For them, there is no question that energy-efficient public transportation is needed for easy access to child-care services, shopping, job centers, and health care services. 12 | P a g e Capitalism Critique BDL Capitalism Bad Impact – Collapse Inevitable [___] [___] Capitalism will inevitably collapse–we are witnessing the deterioration of the system as it approaches its structural limits. The crisis opens an opportunity for truly radical politics John Bellamy Foster, professor of sociology at the University of Oregon in Eugene, 2005 (“Naked Imperialism” Monthly review Volume 57, Number 4, 2005) The United States is seeking to exercise sovereign authority over the planet during a time of widening global crisis: economic stagnation, increasing polarization between the global rich and the global poor, weakening U.S. economic hegemony, growing nuclear threats, and deepening ecological decline. The result is a heightening of international instability. Other potential forces are emerging in the world, such as the European Community and China that could eventually challenge U.S. power, regionally and even globally. Third world revolutions, far from ceasing, are beginning to gain momentum again, symbolized by Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution under Hugo Chávez. U.S. attempts to tighten its imperial grip on the Middle East and its oil have had to cope with a fierce, seemingly unstoppable, Iraqi resistance, generating conditions of imperial overstretch. With the United States brandishing its nuclear arsenal and refusing to support international agreements on the control of such weapons, nuclear proliferation is continuing. New nations, such as North Korea, are entering or can be expected soon to enter the “nuclear club.” Terrorist blowback from imperialist wars in the third world is now a well-recognized reality, generating rising fear of further terrorist attacks in New York, London, and elsewhere. Such vast and overlapping historical contradictions, rooted in the combined and uneven development of the global capitalist economy along with the U.S. drive for planetary domination, foreshadow what is potentially the most dangerous period in the history of imperialism. The course on which U.S and world capitalism is now headed points to global barbarism—or worse. Yet it is important to remember that nothing in the development of human history is inevitable. There still remains an alternative path—the global struggle for a humane, egalitarian, democratic, and sustainable society. The classic name for such a society is “som.” Such a renewed struggle for a world of substantive human equality must begin by addressing the system...
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