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Unformatted text preview: ative associations, including, for some, virulent racism. It is possible, therefore, that the Court, and many scholars as well, ha ve been "read[ing] particular values out of the Constitution simply because popular opinion at a given point in history finds them normatively unattractive." This proposition cannot, of course, be tested empirically. There may indeed have been some residual judicial ill will toward "states' rights" due to its association with bad actors, both public and private, in our nation's past. It seems unlikely, however, that in 1985, when Garcia was decided, the Court rested its decision to curtail fundamental "states' rights" federalism on these sorts of negative associations. It probably gives too little credit to the Court, and to scholars, to suggest that modes of judicial enforcement or scholarly support are based primarily upon "changing normative preferences" or mere popularity. Even if one is not willing to give judges and scholars such credit, it is surely a stretch to paint the "states' rights" of National League of Cities with the same brush as the old "states' rights" of segregationists. The "states' rights" of what might be considered the modern era--freedom from federal wages and hours regulations, for example--are hardly the sort that invoke segregationist ghosts. 19 | P a g e States CP BDL Answers to: Mass Spending DA [____] [____] No link – the funds can just come from the state’s rainy day fund Shannon Young, Associated Press, 2012 (Boston Globe, June 28, Mass. lawmakers approve final state budget, _on_final_state_budget/) Additionally, the budget includes no new taxes or fees but relies on $516 million in one-time funds, including a $350 million withdrawal from the state's rainy day fund. That still leaves the state with a rainy day fund of more than $1 billion, lawmakers said. [____] Education funds are doing fine – this years budget actually increased them Dan Ring, writer for Mass Live, 2012 (Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signs $32.5 billion state budget, vetoes $32.1 million in spending, Sunday, July 08, Patrick said the colleges are vital to the state's economic success. He approved new money for the community colleges including $5 million for competitive grants to improve graduation rates, develop standard courses that can easily be transferred to other colleges and universities and ways to consolidate administration and bidding for services. He also signed a new program for $2.25 million in grants to community colleges, partly to establish worker training programs within three months of a request by an employer. 20 | P a g e States CP BDL Answers to: Mass Spending DA [____] [____] Even if there were some cuts to education, the overall strength of the system would be fine Matt Caron, reporter for WWLP, 2012 (09 Jul 2012, State budget raises education spending, doesn't r...
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