Successful port operations requires the coordinated

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Unformatted text preview: ecurity Negative BDL No Solvency – Delays Turn [___] [___] Enhanced port security leads to serious delays in shipping that harm the economy and national security Conrad et al, Sandia National Laboratories, 2003 (Stephen Conrad, Walter Beyeler, Richard Thomas, Thomas Corbet, Theresa Brown, Gary Hirsch, and Christopher Hatzi, How Do We Increase Port Security Without Imperiling Maritime Commerce? Using Flight Simulators and Workshops to Begin the Discussion, Especially since the events of 9-11, container shipments through US ports are believed to be a potential pathway for introduction of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) into the United States. Currently only about 2% of all cargo containers are inspected. New security measures have been implemented, and others proposed, in an effort to reduce this perceived threat. These measures call for additional processes and equipment to be used in container shipment in an effort to better characterize and control cargo. Requiring new security measures can change important performance characteristics of the port such as the time and cost required to import and export goods. These performance changes can suppress overall demand for shipping, and change the relative attractiveness of ports to importers, exporters, and cargo carriers. The current inspection process was designed primarily to enforce tariffs and intercept illicit drugs and other contraban d, and may not be well suited to interdicting WMD. In addition to any long-term performance changes created by security measures, the transition from the current system to an inspection system tailored for security may impose additional costs and delays. Effective security measures must take account of the economic consequences they entail. The National Strategy for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets (2003) issued by the White House states that “ security solutions to the container shipping challenge should recognize that, in many cases, commerce, including essential national security materials, must continue to flow…Stifling commerce to meet security needs simply swaps one consequence of a security threat for another .” Successful port operations requires the coordinated action of many disparate people and organizations, including ship owners, port authorities, importers and exporters, labor unions, and government agencies. Negotiating the appropriate balance between security and cost re quires considering the consequences of alternatives on these diverse interests. 15 | P a g e Port Security Negative BDL No Solvency – Delays Turn – Link Extension [___] [___] Enhanced port security leads to delays in shipping, undermining the economy Lt. Morgan James et al, Naval Postgraduate School, 2007 (Port Security Strategy 2012, The port operators are primarily concerned with continued operation with minimal cost while maintaining an efficient and...
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