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Unformatted text preview: billion and 52,000 jobs to the regional economy. Congestion drains the region’s manufacturing sector of $2 billion in revenue and 8,674 jobs. Wholesale trade takes a congestion hit worth $1.3 billion in increased operating costs. 6|Page High Speed Rail Affirmative BDL 1AC 3/5 An extended decline in US economic competitiveness could have serious global effects Mandelbaum, John Hopkins Foreign Policy Program director, 2005 (Michael, The Case for Goliath: How America Acts as the World’s Government in the Twenty-First Century, pg 192-195) Although the spread of nuclear weapons, with the corresponding increase in the likelihood tha t a nuclear shot would be fired in anger somewhere in the world, counted as the most serious potential consequence of the abandonment by the United States of its role as the world's government, it was not the only one. In the previous period of American international reticence, the 1920s and 1930s, the global economy suffered serious damage that a more active American role might have mitigated. A twenty-first-century American retreat could have similarly adverse international economic consequences. The economic collapse of the 1930s caused extensive hardship throughout the world and led indirectly to World War II by paving the way for the people who started it to gain power in Germany and Japan. In retrospect, the Great Depression is widely believed to have been caused by a series of errors in public policy that made an economic downturn far worse than it would have been had governments responded to it in appropriate fashion. Since the 1930s, acting on the lessons drawn from that experience by professional ec onomists, governments has taken steps that have helped to prevent a recurrence of the disasters of that decade.' In the face of reduced demand, for example, governments have increased rather than cut spending. Second, a lack of high speed rail capacity has serious environmental effects. Decreasing US car use is crucial to combat global warming West, professional writer and editor, 12 (Larry, “U.S. Autos Account for Half of Global Warming Linked to Cars Worldwide,” U.S. automobiles and light trucks are responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gases emitted by automobiles globally, according to a new study by Environmental Defense.The study, Global Warming on the Road [PDF], also found that the Big Three automakers—General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler—accounted for nearly three-quarters of the carbon dioxide released by cars and pickup trucks on U.S. roads in 2004, the latest year for which statistics were available.“Cutting greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. automobiles will be critical to any strategy for slowing global warming,” said John DeCicco, author of the report and senior fellow at Environmental Defense, in a press release. “To address global warming, we’ll need a clear picture of what sources are contributing to the problem. This repor...
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