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Unformatted text preview: ................... 15 1|Page Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Glossary Accumulation. W hen you accumulate items you add to the number of items that you possess. Authentic. Real, true Bourgeoisie. W ealthy individuals. Capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are owned. Commodified. If you take a good (say an apple) and assign it an economic value/make it available for sale, that item is commodified. Coopted. Social movements are coopted when more powerful forces are able to focus the energies of that movement on supporting the cause of the more powerful force. Exploit. A person is exploited when his or her labor is used and they are not properly compensated for that labor. Hegemony. Hegemony refers to dominant global power. The US is considered to be the dominant global hegemon now. Ideology. An ideology is a set of ideas that constitute a person’s goals, actions, and expectations (Wikipedia). Imperialism. When a country attempts to expand its authority beyond its existing territory it is referred to as an imperialist power. Masking. Masking refers to covering something up so that it doesn’t look like it is. In this context, a program to temporarily address inequality could mask/cover up more widespread inequality. Preemption. Preemption refers to attacking before you are attacked. Prevailing. Prevailing means winning. The side that prevails in the game is the winner. Proletariat. The proletariat is the working class. Resist. To resist is to stand against, to oppose. Som. Som is an economic system in which the means of production are owned by everyone. 2|Page Capitalism Critique Affirmative BDL Alternative Can’t Solve – Capitalism Inevitable [___] [___] Capitalism inevitable – all other stable economic systems are just variants of capitalism James Speth, Former dean of Yale school of forestry and environmentalism, 2008 (The bridge at the end of the world, 188-9) Of course, the big problem facing all discussions of alternatives to capitalism is that there do not seem to be any alternatives. Throughout the Cold War, the alternative was state som or communism, but it is fading fast around the globe. Asked about alternatives to capitalism today, most people draw blank. Some would add, for good reason. It is therefore worth noting the diversity of economic systems both within capitalism and within som, a point stressed by the Tellus Institute." Within capitalism, a variety of national economic systems exist, where the key variable is the degree of engagement of government in determining economic priorities and social conditions. At one end of the spectrum, the so-called Anglo-American model approximates laissez-faire. Here, the market tends to dominate the state. In Scand inavia and elsewhere on the Continent, one finds varieties of social democratic capitalism." Social democratic nations exert greater public control over capital investment and have created more comprehensive social programs including higher minimum wages and unemployment compensation, greater protections a...
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