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Unformatted text preview: tates Bruce Katz, Vice President Metropolitan Program, Brookings, 2012 (February 16, “Remaking Federalism to Remake the American Economy,” President-elect Barack Obama’s advocacy of a historic infrastructure spending plan looks like another example of the federal government wanting to spread the wealth of its economic rescue efforts. With the government having already employed financial sect or bailout packages, special lending facilities, lower interest rates, tax rebates and housing relief, the infrastructure plan appears aimed at helping cash-strapped states as much as the average worker “We need to try to do some direct stimulus, direct job creation,” says John Irons, research director at the Economic Policy Institute, which has been advocating such a plan for about a year. “You hear from mayors and governors. They all have projects that are ready to go and just need funding. We know the money is going to be spent.” 10 | P a g e States CP Aff BDL States Racism Turn [___] States are more likely to implement the plan in a discriminatory manner, killing solvency Stanford Journal of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties 6 (Aug 2006, "Arizona's Proposition 200 and the Supremacy o f Federal Law: Elements of Law, Politics, and Faith") Though not a major problem given the political legitimacy and responsiveness of state government vis-a-vis the federal government, I do pause here to flag one civic concern: the legacy of oppression and discrimination that particular minority communities associate with their state governments has not yet, unfortunately, been relegated to the annals of ancient history. Not only do segregationist policies, denial of the franchise, and ruthless state-sponsored violence come to mind for many poor black southerners when they think about their relationship to the state government; they may also have salient memories of King v. Smith types of intrusive, humiliating home visits related directly to welfare administration. n167 In light of PRWORA's abandonment of federal welfare entitlements, the oppressive and discriminatory policies and attitudes of the 1950s and 1960s, which had been reined in by the federal protections afforded by way of Goldberg and King, may potentially be revived. Indeed, institutional racism at the state and local level is alarmingly enduring. Professor Cashin, for one, devotes considerable attention to how states profoundly discriminate against their African-American welfare populations. N168 and another, Professor Susan Gooden, presents a particularly salient case study of Virginia welfare services. In her study, she documents and contrasts state administrators' disparaging and ungenerous treatment of black welfare recipients with their treatment of similarly situated white clients who were always given first notice of new jobs, offered the "newest" work clothes, and given access to automobiles. N169 Understanding discrimination is not just an a...
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