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Unformatted text preview: Lawyer at Keefer and Keefer, 2008 (Container Port Security: A Layered Defense Strategy to Protect The Homeland and The International Supply Chain; CAMPBELL LAW REVIEW Vol. 30:139; Priority should be given to effective security solutions that complement and improve the business processes already in place, and which build a foundation for 21st century global trade. A more secure supply chain also can be a more efficient supply chain. ... . Technology plays a particularly important role in providing for screening of cargo at the critical nodes of the supply chain through data acquisition, delivery, and analysis (e.g., the secure transmission of cargo manifests). It also provides for certainty, through scanning and imaging of cargo at those nodes where multiple cargo flows join, (e.g., at ports of departure and entry). Such information built into normal business process as a preventative measure also leverages recovery capabilities by providing necessary information to key decision makers on the safety, security and prioritization of cargo. Better technologies may permit more efficient cargo screening and examinations of a larger number of containers, ideally, prior to departing for and entering United States ports. Certainly, a continued focus on technology is appropriate. 9|Page Port Security Affirmative BDL Economy Add-On [____] Terrorist attack sparks global depression Richard Haas, President, Council on Foreign Relations, 2006 (PREVENTING CATASTROPHIC NUCLEAR TERRORISM, March, A nuclear attack by terrorists against the United States has the potential to make the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, look like a historical footnote . In addition to the immediate horrific devastation, such an attack could cost trillions of dollars in damages, potentially sparking a global economic depression. Although, during the 2004 presidential campaign, President George W. Bush and Democratic challenger Senator John F. Kerry agreed that terrorists armed with nuclear weapons worried them more than any other national security threat, the U.S. government has yet to elevate nuclear terrorism prevention to the highest priority. Despite several U.S. and international programs to secure nuclear weapons and the materials to make them, major gaps in policy remain [____] Any nuclear attack would devastate the global economy Matthew C. Weinzierl, Council of Economic Advisers Economist, 2004 (The National Interest, "The Cost of Living: The Economics of Preventing Nuclear Terrorism," Spring, LN) Nuclear terrorism presents an unparalleled threat to the United States . The economic impact alone of a nuclear terrorist attack would undoubtedly be staggering. Estimates of the direct economic cost of one potential scenario-a crude nuclear device detonated in lower Manhattan-range well over $ 1 trillion. Even this estimate cannot capture the full tragedy of such a scenario, which could include half a million deaths, a zone of total destruction on e mile wi...
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