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Unformatted text preview: n, jobs move as capitalists export factories and even entire industries to other countries. Millions of people continuously live below the poverty level; many suffer homelessness and hunger. Public and private programs to alleviate poverty and hunger do not reach everyone, and are inadequate even for those they do reach. Racism remains the most potent weapon to divide working people. Institutionalized racism provides billions in extra profits for the capitalists every year due to the unequal pay racially oppresse d workers receive for work 14 | P a g e Capitalism Critique BDL Capitalism Bad Impact – War [___] [___] Capitalist globalization will cause endless war Kanishka Chowdhury, Professor of American Culture at St. Thomas University, 2006 (“Interrogating ‘Newness’”, Culture Critique, p. 127-8, Project MUSE) In a sense, globalization is now used as a cover for endless war. Countries are designated as "rogue" regimes to the extent that they fail to assimilate into global capitalism. Globalization, then, has been presented as the natural economic order and one connected inextricably to the forces of democracy and civilization. Globalization as described by its advocates thus suggests a natural, neutral process, one in which a larger, benign global family looks out for each member's interests, and where the powerful nations teach, at a cost, those who are economically "backward" the ways of the world. This is a process in which the "Third World" elite are, of course, willing participants. Consider, for instance, the text of the May 6, 2003, full-page advertisement in the New York Times celebrating the new Nigeria: "In Nigeria, a new generation is looking to attract increased foreign investment. . . . New legislation has made foreign involvement easier. . . . Several state -owned enterprises are being prepared for privatization. . . . Foreign investors with unique and innovative projects are granted 'pioneer status.' . . . W e have very generous tax-waivers—five years for pioneer status companies. . . . We are doing everything possible to cooperate with the United States" (C11). One doesn't have to look very hard at this advertisement to understand that the forces of multinational capital have produced this text many times over. After all, such "promotions," paid for in more ways than one by Third World citizens, are created in the West, for the Western consumer, and by Western advertising firms. Despite such glossy claims, we are clearly not considering a harmonious, mutually beneficial process of global cooperation here; rather, we are witnessing the legitimized and systematic looting and subjugation of a sovereign nation, assisted by its national bourgeoisie ; in short, we are observing another step in the process of endless war. Let us then begin our analysis of globalization by reattaching the designation "capitalist" to globalization, so we can focus on the unvarnished economic logic of...
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