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Study Guidelines for the Fall 2013 Chem 15 Final Exam The midterm exam will be given in 10 Evans Hall on Monday, December 16th at 8 am. It will be a closed book/closed notes exam. A calculator may be useful (but note that no devices which are also phones or can connect to the internet may be used during the exam). You do not need a bluebook. The final exam will cover the units that were also covered on the midterm exam: o Statistics and Error Propagation (Lectures 1-3), o Acid Base Equilibria (Lectures 3-5), o Activity (Lecture 5), o Electrochemistry (Lectures 6-9 and a bit of 10) as well as the units since then: o Spectrophotometry (Lectures 10-13), o Separations and Chromatography & Intro to Mass Spectrometry (Lectures 15, 17, 18) (Slides numbering = 15-17) o Complex Ions, EDTA, and back titrations (Lectures 18-19) (Slides numbering = 17-18) o Atomic Spectroscopy (Lectures 20-22) (Slides numbering = 19-21) o Mass Spectrometry (Lectures 22-23, 25) (Slides numbering = 21-23) o Big ideas from Jamie Kulp's Biosensor Research lecture (Lec 26) relevant for Chem 15 (e.g., as in the question from HW Set 6)
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