G a titration with a ph meter versus

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Unformatted text preview: h in your laboratory experiments (e.g., a titration with a pH meter versus spectrophotometry by Beer's Law). • Examine the attached (i.e., for this document on bspace) equations, constants, and tables that will be available to you during the exam. Even a longer final exam cannot cover every equation, of course, but I hope it will be reassuring that you do not need to have all these equations and tables memorized; you simply need to know how to use them. • If any concepts are unclear to you in your review of the above, do some selective re-reading of your Harris textbook where needed to firm up concepts from lecture and labs (e.g., by reviewing the specific Harris pages noted on my lecture slides). Carefully re-reading all of the textbook material assigned is not an efficient or recommended method of studying for the final exam!...
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