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G as in the question from hw set 6 note that ive

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Unformatted text preview: 5 (e.g., as in the question from HW Set 6) Note that I've numbered these the way the podcast technician haphazardly listed them on bspace so you can find the podcasts easily if you'd like. Lecture 14 was the midterm review, "Lecture 16" was the midterm, and "Lecture 24" was the Lab Tour (of course, these two latter "Lectures" on not on the bspace podcast list or links, so that is why those lectures appear to be missing). • As was the case for the midterm, a good starting strategy for studying for the final is to: o Review the lecture notes (If I talked about it, I probably think it is important, unless otherwise noted!) o Review the Homework Set...
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