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Unformatted text preview: farm has a unique strain of resistant bacteria. For the experiments you will conduct, each team will work with one bacterial culture containing a kanamycin resistance gene from one of the three different chicken farms [NOTE: this lab is a simulation and the bacteria you are working with are a harmless strain of E. coli]. Once these steps are completed, you will combine your findings with the whole lab section to answer the research questions: 1) Is the bacterial contamination at each farm due to the same strain of bacterium, or to different strains? 2) How severe is the contamination at each farm? You will use this information to make recommendations for the next steps of the investigation. The research questions guiding your investigation are: 1. Is the bacterial contamination at these three farms due to the same gene or different genes? 2. What is the frequency of kanamycin resistant bacteria in the chicken farm cultures? The steps you will use to gather data that will help you answer these questions and make recommendations for how to eliminate the contamination problem are summarized in the Flow Diagram provided in Figure 1 on the next page. Create a heading: “Experiment Flow Diagram” o Take notes on the discussion and attach diagram into your notebook. 3 Figure 1. A flow diagram of the lab procedure. 4 FigFifFigure LAB EXPERIMENT: Using Genes for Antibiotic Resistance to Trace Source(s) of Bacterial Contamination Create a heading in your notebook: “Discussion: Bacterial Plasmids and Natural Selection” o Take notes on discussion in your notebook Experiment Part A: Preparing Serial Dilutions of Bacterial Cultures and Plating on +/‐ Kanamycin Plates Create a heading in your notebook: “Experiment Part A: Preparing Serial Dilutions of Bacterial Cultures and Plating on +/‐ Kanamycin Plates” Create a subheading in your notebook: Discussion of Sterile Technique o Take notes in your science notebook o Also refer to “Background Information” section at the end of the...
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