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Unformatted text preview: ll - Subsong, plastic, sensorimotor = “practice” • Primary or “crystallized” song Taped Tutors! When do they learn? (William Thorpe) • 1-10 days = pre-critical period • 10-50 days = CRITICAL PERIOD • 50+ days = post critical period Will they learn any song? Social Learning Cultural Transmission Imo the Macaque • Imo began washing potatoes when she was one year old (early 50s) • By 1959 all infant Macaques were learning to wash potatoes from their mothers. • Later on Imo began to separate wheat seeds from sand by throwing it in the water. • This caught on too. What’s the Big Deal? • Natural Selection – slow • Cultural Transmission – fast • Can Culture Lead Evolution? Types of Cultural Transmission • Social Learning • Teaching Teaching • Displays behavior only in the presence of a naive observer (usually young) • Without obtaining immediate benefit to itself • Provides benefit (or punishes...
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