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If the upper diameter at a a is 50 cm and the lower

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Unformatted text preview: ch, equally spaced around the perimeter. If the upper diameter at A-A is 50 cm, and the lower diameter at B-B is 25 cm, how many bolts of the same size are needed around the perimeter at B-B? H3.3 What is the mercury barometer reading at a location where the atmospheric pressure is 99.0 kPa? 1 H3.4 Considering the effects of surface tension, estimate the gauge pressure at the center of the pipe A. H3.5 If the sea-level pressure is 101,350 Pa, compute the standard pressure at an altitude of 5,000 m, in two ways: a) Using the exact relation (with the standard sea-level temperature and the lapse rate of the standard atmosphere); b) Using the isothermal assumption (temperature constant and equal to the standard sea-level temperature) H3.6 If the pressure and temperature are 2.31 psia and -71.5° F at an elevation of 45,000 ft above sea level, what is the pressure at 55,000 ft assuming isothermal conditions over this range of elevation? 2...
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