XIV. Afterlife

Of the provincial governors beni hassan el bersheh

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Unformatted text preview: id complexes Pyramid complexes of the Middle Kingdom: Lisht, Illahun,Hawara, Dahshur Internal rooms – Mastaba of Antefiqer, Lisht External texts – Khnumhotep at Dahshur Rock tombs: (1) the tombs of the provincial governors Beni Hassan el-Bersheh Meir Assiut Qaw el-Kebir Elephantine Tomb of Amenemhet, Beni Hassan – porticco with 2 octogonal columns – rectangular cult chamber with three longitudinal barrel vaults supported by four channelled columns – statue niche at the east wall Tomb of Khnumhotep II, east wall (Beni Hasan 3) Regional variety: Rock tomb of Wahka II, Qaw el-Kebir – modelled on the funerary temples of royal pyramids (with valley temple and causeway) – pylon – columned court – upper terrace with portico and pillared hall – cult chambers Regional variety: Elephantine – courtyard with porticco – pillared hall (4-6 pillars) – corridor opening to a cult room Sarenput I Sarenput II Rock tombs, II: Corridor tomb (Thebes, TT 60 of Antefoqer) Rock tombs, III: simple rock tombs – example: mid-range officials Uky and Henu, el-Bersheh (discovered 2007) – staff of the provincial gover...
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