22. Egyptian religion in Rome


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Unformatted text preview: of Juppiter and the yapping Anubis, or the sound of the Roman trumpet and the raUle of the sistrum. Other elements of strangeness: bald‐ headed Isis priests in linen garments, the requirement of chas<ty, the prominence of dreams, the significance of the Nile water, and the daily ritual. •  But two and a half centuries a?er Proper<us, a Chris<an apologist (Minucius Felix, Octavius, XXI), a?er ridiculing the rituals for Osiris and Isis, concludes: “Yet these were formerly Egyp<an rites, and now are Roman ones.” (!) Egyp<an cults in the Mediterranean were an Egyp8anising religion in which Hellenis<c and Roman elements had been added to an Egyp<an core Isis who had been a powerful goddess of healing, protec<on, and maternal care in the context of the Osiris myth, and the predominant female deity of Egypt, was transformed into a universal goddess when her cult spread to Greece in Hellenis<c <mes In a famous revela0on of Isis to mankind, found in several Greek Isis temples of the Hellenis<c period, the goddess appears as the creator of th...
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