22. Egyptian religion in Rome

Ce horuscippuslateperiodabove andfromromanegyptright

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Unformatted text preview: became a universal god worshipped throughout the Mediterranean. Harpokrates, the son of Isis and Osiris/Serapis, was perceived as a solar god and equated with Eros and Apollon – enjoyed wide‐spread popularity TerracoUa statueUe of Harpocrates, 1st‐3rd c. CE Horus cippus Late Period (above) and from Roman Egypt (right) Isis – single most important and best aUested Egyp<an deity in the Roman Empire Wall pain<ngs from Karanis, Fayyum Isis with Harpocrates, •  Iden<ty of Isis – was she Egyp<an or Graeco‐Roman? Had she assumed a new Hellenis<c or Roman iden<ty behind the Egyp<an facade? •  Was there a specific aUrac<on or value Isis offered to their believers which the Classical gods did not? •  Who disseminated the cults in imperial Rome, and to what ends, who were the believers? •  Roman authors o?en portray their Roman religion as the "true religion" as opposed to the ridiculed Oriental religions: •  cf. Proper<us’s 11th elegy: opposing pairs...
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