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22. Egyptian religion in Rome


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Unformatted text preview: e cosmos, the mistress of fate, the founder of cults and culture, and the bringer of the Nile inunda<on. She has taught mankind cul<va<on and ethical behaviour, has control over the powers of nature, and enforces law andorder Many of these features are now being discovered in new Egyp7an texts! On account of her versa<lity and compa<bility, Isis was seen as iden7cal with all other goddesses of the earth, as worshipped all over the world Cf. hymn of Isidoros of Narmuthis in the 1st century BC.: iden<fied, in a Greek context, with Demeter and Aphrodite Isis became a Hellenis<c unifying figure. Her believers summon her as a victrix par excellence – a helper of the individual, the mistress of fate, the one who heals from disease and saves from death. Isis mysteries seen as a Hellenis<c feature but may be genuinely Egyp<an The main source for our knowledge of those mysteries of Isis is the eleventh and final book of Apuleius’s novel, Metamorphoses, or The G...
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