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22. Egyptian religion in Rome

F membersoftheimperialfamily

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Unformatted text preview: olden Ass. The novel’s protagonist and narrator, Licius, reports his adventures and obsession with magical prac<ces. Accidentally transformed into an ass, he seeks divine help, whereupon Isis reveals herself to him. By ea<ng roses during the great Isis procession in Corinth, he can change again into a human being and is ini<ated into the mysteries of the goddess. A?er a period of prepara<on, the nocturnal ini0a0on takes place: Lucius visits the underworld, is taken through all the elements, sees all upper and lower gods, and the sun shining red at midnight. A?er this first ini<a<on, Lucius is granted two further ini<a<ons to the mysteries of Osiris, and becomes an Isis priest. Egyp0an parallels. Apuleius’s novel, Metamorphoses, or The Golden Ass. Isis cult and Isis priesthood in Rome since 1st century BCE – support from some families of the nobility and increasing number of believers; first sanctuaries. Egyp<an design was widely popular in the villas...
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