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Unformatted text preview: rder of the world. Major technique applied in EgypJan magic: analogy – Egyp0an magic establishes a rela&on between the endangered element and an element of the ordered world – interconnectedness – The endangered element is so 0ed to and reintegrated in the world of order – According to where the analogy is applied we can dis0nguish different varie0es of how Egyp0an magic was supposed to func0on – A standardized form of magic are rituals (e.g., execra0on rituals) – More important than the endangerment of the living: dangers to which they were exposed [email protected] death – All funerary books basically magical wri0ngs for the survival of the deceased. Scroll of papyrus with the Book of the Dead is ideally the papyrus of Thoth, the god of knowledge, himself. How did the magical analogy work ? What analogies were used? I. Analogy of the target •  Ex. pa0ent is equated with the Horus child who according to the myth had been ill, poisoned, but was healed by Isis and became “the master of the world”. If the pa0ent can be equated with Horus, this mean...
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