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Unformatted text preview: ; – spells enabling the deceased's transforma0on in a falcon, gods, a lotus flower, etc. – spells ensuring free mobility – spells for regenera0on and protec0on through amulets – "Usheb0 spell" (TB 6) Canopic jars containing the viscera of the deceased Field of offerings or rushes – paradise‐like region where the deceased can live fully descrip0ons and depic0ons of the terrifying places where the damned ("the dead ones") are punished and annihilated Book of the Dead Spell 175: Famous dialogue between Osiris (also = every deceased) and the creator god Atum – skepJcism about aMerlife Nega0ve statements about death in autobiographies – gloomy visions about the [email protected] in par0cular in the 1st millennium BCE NegaJve modern connotaJons of “magic” < an0quity (as opposed to ancient Egyp0an term) Viewed negaJvely by Egyptologists: magic as a purportedly archaic stage of human development, a false kind of consciousness, "wild shoot of the plant of religion", inferior in kind to religion Similarly, anthropologists of the late 19th century believed in an evoluJon of the human mind from allegedly “primi0ve” stages to more developped ones: Magic > religion > reason / ra0onality Contradicted by the evidence. I...
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