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23. NEST312–Revision final


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Unformatted text preview: i0ng the cult chamber and the deceased tomb owner? – do they recreate the desired world of [email protected] within the nomarch’s tomb palace? – can the depic0ons be understood in a far more consequen0al way – the official would claim royal priviledges and power (hun0ng animals of the desert = defea0ng chaos etc.) The royal aMerlife – indirect evidence from the architecture of the royal tombs since the first dynas0es – from the end of the fi@h dynasty, Pyramid Texts and relief cycles of mortuary temples. – The Pyramid Texts ensure the difficult passage from the death of the king to his divine existence in the [email protected]: – The king must be awakened from the death and ascend to heaven as a god. = = becomes Osiris, his body is kept whole, the king is rejuvenated No single concept of the king's unending existence and his cyclical renewal – rather range of ideas: – The king journeys like the sun god across the heavens, is reborn at dawn. – The king becomes a star (e.g., like Orion) =...
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