23. NEST312–Revision final


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Unformatted text preview: nstead: – Magic (Egyp0an heka) was a comprehensive mechanism which embraced all areas of ac0vity – It was used in a complementary way to instruments that are specific to par0cular areas of use (e.g., medicine, warfare, jurisdic0on) – We can dis0nguish between preven&ve and reac&ve magic Magic as a comprehensive concept of the Egyp0an worldview Behind Osiris: Maat and Heka (Magic) Maat and Heka (Magic) protec0ng the sun god Horakh0 Heka – an overarching category which is instrumental in all areas of Egyp0an life. Ancient Egypt cannot be understood properly without apprehending the importance of magic. The magicians were not a par0cular professional group, but were priests carrying out magic acts and rituals Inventory of magical procedures: •  – element to which magic is applied (object or person), •  – threat or damage, •  – the actor who applies magic, •  – the means through which magic is applied (object etc.). •  – Basic scenery: the state of an object or a person is disturbed, disordered or threatened from the viewpoint of Maat, the good o...
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