23. NEST312–Revision final


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Unformatted text preview: "cartoon stripes" – Main purpose of the BOD: to provision and safeguard the deceased – In contrast to royal Books of the Underworld, emphasis on pracJcal help and magical support – Central idea of a general judgment of the dead for everyone (irrespec0ve of social status etc.) Judgment Spell 125 with the "negaJve confession" I have not done crimes against people; I have not mistreated ca^le (...). I have not done any harm. (...) I have not blasphemed a god. I have not robbed the poor. I have not done what the god abhors. I have not maligned a servant to his master..... (etc.) Contents of other spells: – spells iden0fying the deceased with gods or else his individual limbs with dei0es – spells that make the deceased triumph over his enemies – spell "in order not to forget your name", for the heart to be in concord with the dead – spells guaranteeing air to breathe, water, provisions, light – spells for not dying again, for not decomposing, etc. – spells providing the deceased with knowledge of the underworld – spells guaranteeing free access to the realm of Osiris; descrip0ons of the "paradise"...
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