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23. NEST312–Revision final


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Unformatted text preview: = Southern constella0on of stars called unwearying stars: Orion's Belt and Sirius [Eg. Sepdet/Sothis] (= Osiris/the king and Isis) – move a long distance across the celes0al sphere = = Northern circumpolar stars called imperishable stars (Big/Li^le Dipper, Draco) Brief overview of royal tombs from the early DynasJc period onward 1st/2nd dynasty 3rd/4th dynasty 5th/ 6th dynasty ShiM in ideology and funerary architecture: the New Kingdom Valley of the Kings Amduat The 12 hours of the Amduat – memorize ONLY the main themes Book of the Dead (Egyp&an &tle: Book of Going Forth by Day) – collec0on of spells for non‐royal individuals, main guide to the [email protected] in the New Kingdom and later (ca. 1550‐50 BCE). – total number ca. 200. Only selec0ons of spells in the individual papyri (from ca. 30 to ca. 140). – length of the spells varies greatly, from few verses to almost 400 verses in Spell 17. – contains older spells (PT, CT) and new ones, some spells occur only [email protected] the New Kingdom – Many BOD of women Vigne^es and depic0ons, some0mes combined into...
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