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Was 200 times higher than that of copper the inner

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Unformatted text preview: (from the late fi@h dynasty on) – the human remains themselves Important: disJncJon between "private" and "royal" aMerlife Private tombs of the Middle Kingdom (1) Mastabas (2) Rock tombs (3) Shaft tombs (4) Surface tombs (pit tombs) Gap between rich and poor – As a comparison: Tutankhamun’s inner golden coffin: 110 kg of gold Value of gold was 200 times higher than that of copper. The inner coffin was therefore worth 22,000 kilograms of copper or 242,000 copper units. This was equal to 35,000 monthly wages = 3,000 years of work of a simple craftsman and still 1275 monthly wages = 100 years of work of a mid-range state official! This did not include the manufacturing itself! Access to texts / affordability of pain0ng vs. (Book of Two Ways) Tomb decoration of the provincial governors: Significance of the scenes ? SituaJon: tomb owner buried underneath the cult chamber where the funerary cult was performed – do they represent scenes from the life and the funeral – a memorial for the family vis...
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