so why would anyone use so nicotinic receptors to

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Unformatted text preview: parasymp.? Only nicotinic receptors can have such variable effects!! So Why Would Anyone Use So Nicotinic Receptors? To Control Skeletal Muscle!! Which is best… Which Stimulating Sympathetic… Or Inhibiting Parasympathetic? …It Depends! …Which system is dominant? The Sympathetic System Dominates The • Cardiovascular –Heart – Blood Vessels • Respiratory • Metabolic Rate The Parasympathetic System Dominates The • Gastrointestinal • Urinary • Eye Focus Nicotinic, cholinergic drugs control: • Skeletal Muscle For Each Drug Studied For We Will Discuss PHARMACOTHERAPEUTICS PHARMACOTHERAPEUTICS TOXICOLOGY TOXICOLOGY Clinical Uses of the Drug Clinical Uses of the Drug Harmful Effects of the Drug Harmful Effects of the Drug PHARMACOKINETICS PHARMACOKINETICS *Absorption *Distribution *Absorption *Distribution *Metabolism *Excretion *Metabolism *Excretion PHARMACODYNAMICS PHARMACODYNAMICS Mechanism of Drug Action Mechanism of Drug Action *Biochemical *Physiological *Biochemical *Physiological Objective 4: Objective • Identify possible therapeutic effects and possible adverse effects (sid...
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