Effects photophobia headache substernal pain serious

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Unformatted text preview: Parasympathetic Normal Radial Muscle Dilates Pupil “Sphincter” muscle Constricts Pupil Adrenergic: Side Effects Adrenergic: • Anxiety, tremulousness (CNS effect) • Awareness of rapid heart beat Adrenergic: Toxic Effects • • • • • Photophobia Headache Substernal pain Serious arrhythmias (β1) Fatal cases -acute pulmonary edema (increased BP causes heart failure) (α) Adrenergic: Local Toxicity Adrenergic: • Tissue Necrosis Adrenergic: Contraindications • Angina (β1 and α increases workload) • Hypertension • Hyperthyroidism – Increased metabolism – More heart palpitations Adrenergic: Drug Interactions Adrenergic: • Inhalation anesthetics – Causes arrhythmias • MAO inhibitors, tricyclics – Increases B.P. • Oxytocic drugs – Persistent hypertension – Sometimes cerebral hemorrhage Drugs Inhibiting Adrenergic Drugs Therapeutic Uses: Alpha Blocking Agents • Locally – Prevent local necrosis - Norepi overdose • Shock – Fluid reenters circulation • Pheochromocytoma – Tumor adrenal medulla • Diagnosis • Preoperative treatment • Treat Hypertension Therapeutic Uses: Beta Blocking Age...
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