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Note effectiveness depends upon the amount of

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Unformatted text preview: idosis To • Respiratory system – increases respiratory rate, removing CO2 and, therefore, carbonic acid. • NOTE: Effectiveness depends upon the amount of bicarbonate already in system • Kidney – – Reabsorbs more bicarbonate ion (instead of chloride ion) in the proximal tubule – Actively secretes more H+ instead of K+ in the distal tubule - takes two days to reach maximum effect NOTE: NOTE: • Kidney may alleviate acid-base imbalance if cause is from another source. – Examples: • alkalosis - hyperventilation, vomiting • acidosis - respiratory insufficiency, diarrhea, excess lactic acid • Kidney may cause acid-base imbalance if malfunction or diuretic given. Potential Drug Therapy: Potential • To correct acidosis: sodium bicarbonate (NaHC...
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