Effect occurs with drugs administered for another

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Unformatted text preview: dema • Other Uses – Removing fluids from compartments • Eyes • Brain Increase glomerular filtration rate Increase (vasodilation) • This is not a main mechanism of action for major diuretics. – effect occurs with drugs administered for another reason. • Examples: Xanthines – Vasodilatiors – Also have minor effect on decreased NaCl reabsorption. • Theophylline was formerly used as a diuretic. Inhibit Ion Reabsorption: Inhibit • All Major diuretics work in this manner. • Direct or indirect inhibition of: – Na+ – Cl– HCO3- • All result in decreased Na+ reabsorption What regulates fluid What movement between intracellular and extracellular compartments? Metabolism and the Sodium Pump! Proximal tubule Proximal Inhibits reabsorption of HCO3• Examples: – carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and thiazides (both of whic...
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