Scaly silvery tone is characteristic psoriasis

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Unformatted text preview: er test results. • Topical corticosteroids – May actually make acne worse if inflammatory kind. – May be used for eczema, psoriasis, or contact dermatoses like poison oak, but not acne. – For poison oak, oral administration is much more effective (ointments not strong enough). Eczma: No known cause Eczma: General term used for a variety of problems. Not a specific disorder. Psoriasis Psoriasis Caused by excess divisions of epithelial cells. Scaly, silvery tone is characteristic. Psoriasis Psoriasis Antimicrobial Therapy Antimicrobial Objective 4: Objective • Define the following terms and discuss potential uses and/or desirability of each feature: – – – – – infection, colonization antibiotic, antimicrobial broad spectrum, narrow spectrum disinfectant, antiseptic bactericide, bacteriostatic Some Terms: Some • Infection – Presence of an organism on or within the tissue resulting in an immune response &/or destruction of the tissue. • Colonization – Presence of an organism on or within the tissue NOT resulting in an immune response &/or destruction of the tissue. Some Terms: Some • Antibiotic – a product of a living microorganism that can exert a deleterious effect on other microorganisms (i.e. kills or inhibits). • Antimicrobial – any naturally occurring or synthetic substance which kills or inhibits growth of microorganisms Some Terms: Some • Broad spectrum – effective against more than a single class of microorganisms (gram +, gram -, anaerobes) and sometimes nonbacterial parasites. • A more desirable alternative topically • Narrow spectrum – effective against a limited number of microorganisms. Less likely to disrupt body's normal flora when used systemically • More desirable alternative systemically. Some Terms: Some • Disinfectant – an agent used on objects that kills microorganisms capable of producing infection. – Not sterilization because does not kill spores, viruses, or some very resistant bacteria. •...
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