E neosporin bacitracin polymyxin and neomycin

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Unformatted text preview: a Ocular Inflammation • Antiinfectives • Steroids Ocular Inflammation Ocular Antiinfectives – may be used topically or systemically • Viral (Idoxuridine, Vidarabine) and fungal (Natamycin) • Often find antibacterial agents in combination - i.e. neosporin = bacitracin, polymyxin, and neomycin • Therapeutic Uses - eye infection or inflammation • Cautions Systemically – may make patient sensitive to antiinfective that may be used again – may develop resistant strains of organisms • Cautions Topically – local sensitivity may develop (eye inflammation) – normal flora interfered with so may encourage abnormal organisms • Mechanism Ocular Inflammation Ocular Steroids – reduces scarring and impaired vision – reduced inflammation helps prevent proteins and blood cells from entering aqueous humor (would decrease intraocular pressure) • Therapeutic Uses – allergic reactions of eye – severe injury – non-pus producing inflammations (i.e. chemical cause or irritant) • Cautions – Pus-producing inflammation • would reduce resistance to pathogenic organisms – Prolonged therapy can cause systemic side effects, secondary glaucoma, and cataracts. Local Anesthetics Local • no-blink reflex • protect eye Objective 3: Objective • Define the following groups of drugs used on skin and describe their potential use. – – – – – emollient antiseptic keratolytic topical corticosteroids topical and systemic acne medications Drugs used on skin • Emollient – fatty or oily substances that may be used to soften or soothe irritated skin and mucous membrane • Antiseptic – a substance used on living tissue – either inhibits or kills microorganisms capable of producing infection. • Examples: Benzoyl peroxide (for inflammatory acne) alcohols, iodine, phenols. • Keratolytic – keratin dissolvers, i.e. soften scale and loosen the outer horny layer of the skin • Examples: salicylic acid found in wart removers, topical Vitamin A more specific to blackheads [noninflammatory acne • Topical corticosteroids – Antiinflammatory agents intended for topic...
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