About 500 children per year or 17000 newer acellular

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Unformatted text preview: convulsions, abnormally high fever should not receive another vaccination. • About 500 children per year or 1/7000 – Newer "acellular" formulations are available (DTaP) that cause less pain and redness –not “Safer” Polio vaccines IPV now recommended over OPV • The oral polio vaccine (OPV) – Attenuated live organisms. – Easy to administer – Vaccinates others • Caution: – individuals with a suppressed immune system (ex. chemotherapy patients, AIDS ,etc.) – Problem: very rare, but possible to get an active case of polio from the OPV. Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) • • • • Must be injected Does not confer immunity to others No risk to recipients No risk to immunosuppressed individuals Passive Immunity Body given preformed antibodies • Important when no time to form own Ab – Mother to fetus or nursing infant – Antivenins – Gamma globulins (IgG pooled from plasma) • general use in immunocompromised individuals • specific therapy – e.g. hepatitis B virus – not to be confused with active immunizations – Rho Gam Rho Gam • use within 72 hours of delivery or miscarriage • Anti-D that removes D antigens Mother RhD Protein Absent Mothers Antibodies Damage Baby’s Blood Baby’s D protein Stimulates mother’s Antibody Production Baby Rh+ Has D Protein...
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