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Maurice hilleman director of the merck institute for

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Unformatted text preview: for rubella was invented in 1969 by Dr. Maurice Hilleman, director of the Merck Institute for Vaccinology. – In 1969, nearly 60,000 cases of rubella were reported in the United States. – By 2000, only 176 cases were reported. • By contrast, in Africa vaccinations are low: – Measles deaths in Africa fell from 873,000 in 1999 to just over 500,000 — or half the global total — in 2003. Pertussis vaccine • Most recent studies: pertussis vaccine does not cause brain damage. – Earlier indications: • permanent brain damage in 1/310,000 injections – approximately 15 cases per year National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – Death rate from whooping cough has dropped http://www.hrsa.gov/osp/vicp or 1(800)338-2382 • 7,000 deaths per year to 20 deaths per year – Children with...
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