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Unformatted text preview: rapid secondary response. – Note: Visit for current immunization schedules and advice for travelers. Objective 2: • Identify the various types of immunity including natural, acquired, active, and passive. Types of Immunity Natural (Inborn) Acquired Active Passive Make Own Antibodies Given Preformed Antibodies Exposure Injection Vaccine Toxoid Mother to Fetus Serums (Gamma Globulins) Objective 3: • Describe vaccines, toxoids, and serums and globulins and identify each as being used in active or passive immunity. Acquired Immunity Immunity resulting from antibodies and ability to produce them • Vaccine - suspension of either attenuated or killed microorganism – Flu, mumps, pertussis, polio, rabies, TB, measles – MMR commonly given is less effective if the child has a cold at the time of the injection – they do not produce antibodies as effectively • Toxoid - toxin modified so that it is nontoxic but still antigenic – diphtheria, tetanus Why we vaccinate: an example • A vaccine...
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