Enzyme to destroy transmitter receptor objective 3

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Unformatted text preview: tems use “Reuptake” – Important for Norepinephrine Shockwave Flash Object Adrenergic Synapse Adrenergic Cholinergic Synapse Cholinergic Vesicle Transmitter What Makes Conduction “One-Way”? Enzyme to destroy transmitter Receptor Objective 3 Objective Identify mechanisms by which drugs may alter normal synapse function. Drugs may alter normal Drugs synapse function • Stimulation – Receptor Agonist • Act as a transmitter themselves - combine with the receptor – Stimulate the release of transmitter – Block the removal of transmitter • Block reuptake or • Cholinesterase inhibitors • Shockwave Flash Object Inhibition – Receptor antagonist • Block receptor sites so they cannot be stimulated – Block release of transmitter Shockwave Flash Object Shockwave Flash Object Objective 2 (Continued): Objective • Describe Normal – synapse function, – transmitter substances, – me...
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