Norepinephrine adrenergic receptors adrenergic

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Unformatted text preview: chanisms for stimulation and termination at the following kinds of receptors: • Adrenergic – Alpha (α) receptors – Beta1 (β1) receptors – Beta2 (β2) receptors • Cholinergic – Nicotinic – Muscarinic Where might one find adrenergic receptors? Norepinephrine Adrenergic receptors Adrenergic respond to norepinephrine • Alpha (α) adrenergic receptors – contract smooth muscle • Beta1 (β1) adrenergic receptors – stimulates heart rate, strength(major place found) • Beta2 (β2) adrenergic receptors – relaxes smooth muscle – increases metabolic rate complete chart – Page 41 Where might one find Cholinergic Recepto...
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