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Stimulates exocrine glands decreases heart rate and

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Unformatted text preview: rs? Acetycholine Cholinergic receptors Cholinergic Respond to Acetylcholine • Muscarinic = Parasympathetic – Contracts smooth muscle • Exception: blood vessels & sphincters • Eye NOT an exception – not considered a sphincter – “sphincter” muscle contracts causing the pupil to constrict. – Stimulates exocrine glands – Decreases heart rate and sometimes contractility Note: peripheral blood vessels dilated with muscarinic Compare with parasympathetic responses on chart Question: Where else is Ach released? Acetycholine Acetycholine Acetycholine Cholinergic receptors Cholinergic Respond to Acetylcholine • Nicotinic – Stimulates both sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglia – Stimulates adrenal medulla • sympathetic-like effect – Stimulates neuromuscular junction • voluntary system NOTE: Seems to have many side effects --so why use at all? Complete Chart Top Page 42 Assignment Page 46 Assignment • First, what do we mean by “tone” with regards to the nervous system? Not to turn in… to work from...
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