Parasympathetic effects on specific body organs

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Unformatted text preview: parasympathetic effects on specific body organs • Neurotransmitters released – Voluntary nerve endings – Preganglionic and postganglionic nerve endings • Sympathetic and parasympathetic systems Nervous System’s 2 Divisions Nervous • Central – Brain – Spinal Cord • Peripheral – Voluntary – Involuntary • Sympathetic • Parasympathetic Effector Cells of the Effector Peripheral Nervous System • Voluntary – Skeletal Muscle • Autonomic – Cardiac Muscle – Smooth Muscle – Glands “Voluntary” Reflex How Many “Efferent” Neurons? Voluntary vs. Voluntary Involuntary 1 efferent neuron 2 efferent neurons: preganglionic postganglionic Sympathetic Gangli...
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