penetrance to site exposure to an organism gram

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Unformatted text preview: sidence relative to cells Intracellular / Extracellular Antiinfective Therapy: Antiinfective Therapy: Determined by the organism Determined Empiric Therapy (Best Guess) - Determined by: – Probable organisms (use clues:) • site of infection (Organism?, Penetrance to site?) • exposure to an organism • Gram stain Focal Therapy (Narrower, more targeted) – gram stain – sensitivity tests (taken before any antibiotic given). • Kirby-Bauer (disk diffusion) not very quantitative. • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) involve serial dilutions of antibiotics in solid agar or broth media. MIC prevents visible growth in 18 - 24 hours. The Drug The • Antimicrobial Spectrum • Pharmacokinetics – – bioavailability, distribution, elimination – Will it reach the infection in high enough concentration • (especially significant for brain, eye, joint, testes, abscess) • Ease of administration – IV vs. PO – often determines compliance • Relative safety – side effects, toxicities, drug interactions Many antimicrobials should not be taken with food, milk, or acidic substances. The Patient The • Co-morbid conditions affecting safety or effectiveness of drug • Other medications being used • Ability to comply with regimen Objective 8: Objective Match antiinfectives with a brief description: atch antiinfectives • Bactericidal Penicillins Cephalosporins Carbapenems Monobactams Vancomycin Bacitracin Aminoglycocides including Str...
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